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A List of Frequently Asked Questions with answers.

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YES- all of our new sites are optimized and responsive to mobile devices.  This is crucial as Google now searches websites with “responsive” sites getting priority.  Over 50% of internet users are using mobile devices (tablets, smartphones, phablets, etc) to access the internet.

We do recommend this and will help you set it up.  Having an email that reflects your website domain name does a few things.  It reminds people of your domain name, shows someone that you are part of that business and lends a professional touch to your correspondence.  Typically a site has a “catch-all” email (info@yourdomain.com) that catches misspelt email names and email.  You can also use specific email names for specific jobs such as bookings@ for accommodations or forms@ for submissions.  The emails can be set up in whatever email program you use or can be accessed online through the domain host.

We will help you get together a list of the information you need.  Our best advice is to look a many websites that are similar to your business – take notes on style and substance – then start collecting the information that pertains to your site specifically.

Yes – for your website to be hosted and have a professional look and feel – a domain name is essential.

We can work on projects with your current server or get you a new server that fits your needs.  We tend to recommend GoDaddy.com as they are priced competitively, give access to all the parts of the hosting system, maintain very good security and have excellent customer service – online and by phone.

We charge $60 an hour for graphic design work.  Repeat customers can get a discount of up to 20% for work done on a consistent basis.